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Beyond Theatre

Creators of Immersive Musicals



Composer for Film & TV

Creative arrangement specialist


This is not your average rock opera.

Welcome to a mystical world where we re-imagine your favourite classic rock tracks, and weave them with real magic, to create an immersive, unforgettable encounter.

A world where candles light themselves,

the wind howls through the building

and your neighbours may not be who you think they are. 

Welcome to WhiteWitch, where we ask how love can prevail in a world of darkness.


Director, Singer , Songwriter

Staging "By Ear" Acapella  productions

London, the UK & NewYork

An Immersive Rock Musical Opera


Who said   

"Witches Don't Cry?"



Kev Castle  Theatre critic

This production of "Superstar" is the best performance I have seen. An amazing cast and production team. I can't recommend them high enough.


Stevie Will  

Went to see Jesus Christ Superstar last night and thought it was just brilliant. The performances were great but also how the show interacted with the audience in that setting was so effective.


Kerry PG  Beyond theatre.

Saw JCS last night it was amazing! One of my fav shows which I’ve seen many times! A must see! Thank you for a fab evening ... Judas - what a voice

"You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief you can't have it"

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Most of us have been in a dark place at some point in our lives.WhiteWitch is more than an immersive rock musical. It is a parable.This year we are supporting MIND,who in turn are using our story to stimulate an awareness of mental health illness within the entertainment industry.