Beyond Theatre UK are providers of imaginative immersive theatreproductions designed to improve and maximise the theatrical entertainment experience.

Staging’s are never in conventional theatres but inside appropriate , quirky and unique venues.

Their last production was an immersive Jesus Christ Superstar was in a Cathedral.

Their latest production ,ALICIA was created to stage pre COVID  and now premieres in Manchester on August 26th – once again in a Cathedral before touring the UK.

The company “Work outside the box”.

Currently stand alone theme bars are being created in Manchester and Birmingham influenced by associates in Australia. New pop up immersive productions include Mamma Mia, Wizards Lunches and three exciting new concepts to be launched later this year.

“The new show Alicia has an international Manchester based cast and includes Victor Michael and Hayley Maria with musical direction from Tim A. Duncan

Although Beyond Theatre is a "Stand alone" UK business , it has an association with the most successful immersive entertainments company in Australia.